20 de maio de 2012

Although you think I am

She sits alone again
And tries her best not to pretend
That all she used to live for
Was the love that wasn't there

And every time she needs to do things
That she believes
Will fill the void inside of her
Because he was never there

She says, 'I swear I'm not the devil,
Though you think I am.
I swear I'm not the devil'

He tries to sleep again
And he wonders when the pain will end
The cuts, they may run deeper than his cracking outer shell

He looks with tired eyes
At all the people hypnotized
And wonders what can save him
From his self created hell.

And he says, 'I swear I'm not the devil,
Though you think I am.
I swear I'm not the devil'

I always fail to see the little things in front of me
The things that mean so much to you; a way to let you know.
That I appreciate the way you always tolerate
But sometimes when I medicate
The frustration in you shows me how you feel.

But I swear I'm not the devil,
Though you think I am.
I swear I'm not the devil

And I scream,
I swear I'm not the devil.
Though you think I am.
I swear I'm not the devil

Nota: Staind, daquelas bandas intemporais...

10 comentários:

Blue star disse...


* * *

ádescávir disse...

A colecção é "à flor da pele". E a editora é a 5 sentidos :D

Vera, a Loira disse...

gosto ;)

estrela disse...

não conheço esta banda....
mas gostei de ouvir!

Joana disse...

Olá :D

Obrigada pelo teu comentário! :)

Eu adoro Staind, a minha música preferida deles é a Outside ;)

Beijinhos :)

S* disse...

Gosto bastante.

Rafael Castellar das Neves disse...

Muito bom!! Eu acho que há coisa que tem de ser escritas em inglês e têm um sentido todo particular!


Desce Mais Uma!

Farruskinha disse...

Gostei :)

Anónimo disse...

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